Parker People Love Poetry

Aesthetes abound in the Parker community, as demonstrated by a recent gathering of faculty, students and parents/guardians in the Kovler Family Library.

The evening began with a poetry workshop facilitated by Parker English faculty members David Fuder and Alicia Abood, where participants worked individually and shared in small groups based on prompts the teachers provided. Later, more poetry-loving members of the community joined the group for the reading portion of the evening, as various people signed up to share some of their favorite works, penned by themselves or another poet entirely.

Regardless of how they participated, everyone enjoyed themselves. The school thanks the English Department for coordinating this occasion and looks forward to the next poetry event Wednesday, April 26 when Julian Randall ’11 will speak at the school as Parker’s 9th Annual Jeanne Harris Hansell Endowed Poet and 2022–23 Poet-in-Residence. More here.
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